Software and Products Upgrade Experts - Upgrade Custom, LoB, COFT, Packaged, 3rd Party Developed Software

Software and Product Upgrade Specialists Coexl is premier Software upgrade company based in Australia. Coexl specialises in software and product upgrade tasks.

It is accredited in carrying out many major business specific software and software upgrade projects. Our software upgrade process involves both bringing technologies to current as well as adding functionalities to meet current requirements. This may also involve extending products to mobile devices such as IPhone, IPod Android, tablet devices. Some of these projects are mentioned in the Customer References on testimonials page.

We develop, upgrade, support and maintain:

  • Custom or bespoke developed Software, in-house: Upgrading custom software involves upgrading it to new version of OS, database, change scripts, migrate data, remove redundant code, optimise existing code, remove problem causing or antiquated 3rd party plug ins, integrate with other software, make compatible with other products. In-house developed software usually does not have evolved documentation. Usually current Source code is available.
  • 3rd Party Developed software: The tasks involved are similar to those for in-house developed software such as upgrade OS, database, change scripts, remove redundant code etc. 3rd party developed software however often has some sort of documentation. The source code may not be current.
  • Line of Business (LoB) software: LoB software signifies software specific to a particular line of business within an organisation. This often will have very specialised functionalities and intricate coding involved. tasks lies in deciphering this code and to generate a current generation LoB software.
  • Commercial off the Shelf (COFT) software: COFT involves upgrade to newer versions, adding, editing or removing functionalities, support and maintenance of the software. When the software is international in nature, this would involve localisation and internationalisation of the software. This may include configuration of the software for specific clients and delivering it as per requirements.
  • Packaged software: Similar to COFT in style, packaged software differs in the sense that it is designed for mass consumption. Our work involves making if bug proof, fixing bugs, regular upgrades and client support.
  • Web based software or Web enable Client Server Software: More and more businesses rely on Web based products now. We specialise in developing Web based products and portals. Some of our very successful projects have involved web enablement of client server software. This involved both upgrade and implementing functionality in Web based structure.
  • Legacy Software - developed prior 2000: The legacy term may be misleading but in general, software developed prior 2000 was a different world in itself. Many of the software used prior 2000 are now either no longer supported or supported in different formats, mostly as freeware or collaboration. This makes generating knowledge base difficult for upgrade tasks. Our decades of experience and knowledge base helps in delivery legacy upgrades reliably.
  • Mobile enable Client Server or Web based software: Mobile devices are an important part of today's life. We extend enterprise and LoB applications and COFT and Packaged software to mobile devices. Contrary to common belief, you can extend almost any system, legacy or otherwise to mobile.

Looking to upgrade -  Microsoft and Oracle - See Licensing

This page covers custom or in-house software or products upgrade. Our Software Licensing division offers you the most prudent licensing options in Oracle or Microsoft Software to reduce your Oracle and Microsoft License cost spend every year. Please email - for a confidential discussion on your software licensing requirements.

Factors to consider while planning Software Upgrade

While planning a software upgrade, CIOs and CEOs must consider all factors. Ignoring any one of them can have serious repercussions:

  • State of current systems: realistic assessment of current systems. How good they are? Do they deliver all functionality. If not, then what else is needed. Are their bugs? If yes, are these documented. Does the application breaks or is very slow?
  • Desired requirements: Assume that the upgraded system will work ok on new hardware and software and make a list of all that you need in the upgraded software. Not all of it may be possible now but will give developers an opportunity to plan the activities.
  • Hardware Compatibility: The upgraded software may not run on existing hardware. New software is generally more resource hungry. Make sure the hardware costs are taken into consideration while planning an upgrade.
  • Networking:  In some circumstances, network changes may become important. Some 'ports' may not be available.
  • OS, databases, other software and hardware: You may need to upgrade the OS, databases and other software. If the software interacts with other hardware, they may need an upgrade too!
  • Availability of users for study and QC stages: Users and testers will be needed for study and QC phases respectively. In between decision makers will be required to approve changes in the upgraded product as not all functionalities will be available exactly the same way. This will add to overheads.
  • Disruption to Work: All things said and done, there will be disruption to work when upgrade happens. Include in this the time for training and ramp time. There may be stress within users because the interfaces do not work the same way. There will be a temporary dip in productivity. Few changes may have to to rolled back. This will add to costs.
  • Training: Training and training documentation costs money and time and should be duly accounted for.

Coexl advantage lies in reducing these costs through a thorough implementation and predicting them. We may create a phase wise implementation plan to keep cost control and delivering software at regular intervals.

Why put up with inefficient and unreliable software? Make it Efficient, reliable and Highly productive software

Invariably our clients are businesses who have developed their business specific or custom software over the years to meet their business requirements. The software often is developed in technologies prevalent at different times and by different people. Many a times, no record of development process is available. Inefficiency, frequent breakdown and high dependence on IT to be able to use the software are key business driver for software upgrade. When faced with these factors, our clients task us to upgrade the software to make it current with present day technologies so that it works efficiently and reliably.

As the software is critical to businesses that we serve, most of them are reluctant to outsource software development or upgrade overseas for various reasons. Our clients are often looking for and are happy to find Coexl Technologies as software and products upgrade company in Australia. This saves them a lot of time when compared to outsourcing software projects. Feedback to us is that time spent in explaining requirements is one-fourth to one-fifth when compared to outsourced software vendors. This reduces overall costs when effort to 'get it right' is taken into consideration. This adds to reliability of the developed product.

and ensuring that software application takes care of Australian customisation. Our expertise will assist you in reliably upgrading your in-house or third party developed software or products. With Coexl, there are no if and buts. It is simple straight forward road to an upgraded software or product within agreed times.

Delivering Upgraded software with Confidence

Main issue with major software upgrade projects is the clients are not sure when it will be delivered. There also are concerns that software upgrade may miss out deadlines. The fear on missing out on functionalities is even greater. We follow MS MSF based Agile process that effectively addresses these concerns about software upgrade. Our Agile Software development process ensures that project not only moves as per agreed timelines but also conforms to specifications or changed parameters, as may be required. We are confident of delivery and ensure it meets your requirements of the day. Therefore, software upgrade by us would be a product that you cannot use because requirements have changed or developed way off from what you intended. Deliver Upgrade with Confidence

Coexl provides end to end services in software upgrade. When you so require, we can provide you the best in Business Analysis designed to fast forward your software upgrade process. This may involve web enablement or web / browser based development, mobile applications and much more.

Fixed Costs and Within Time

With huge experience in successfully delivering software upgrades, we are happy to offer you fixed price quotes and variation schedules. When you engage us, we would be able to indicate realistically achievable timeframes and implement  processes to enable you continue work without disruption. This would ensure your project completes within time and costs. Please note, when we talk about costs, it includes your time as well.

Return on Investment in Software Upgrade - 3-6 Months

We believe the Software or product upgrade project should return your investment in 3-6 months through better productivity, efficiency and better decision making through comprehensive data management. When we upgrade, we ease use of new technology for all users. Be it Mobile Phones, Tablets or notebooks, all users will express their happiness to you. In our opinion, if a project is unable to return its costs within this time then we need to think - is it really necessary?

Estimating Ballpark Software Upgrade Costs and Time

When we talk of software and product upgrade, important question arises that how do we estimate Software Upgrade costs. Often the IT departments are able to develop system specifications and using traditional methods of software estimation techniques, it is possible to arrive at ballpark upgrade costs. Most of the time however, these ballpark costs however miss the actual cost of software or product upgrade. This happens because theses costs fail to take into consideration various factors such as change in scope as the new product is being developed. It happens because when users see the new software, they often immediately find missing elements or new features.

While we are able to provide you ballpark estimates, the following should help you estimate software upgrade costs:

- Ballpark Software Upgrade Effort = Total Effort in reaching the software so far divided by 4

- Ballpark Software Upgrade time = Total Effort in reaching the software so far divided by 8 with a minimum 12 weeks.

- Ballpark Software Upgrade Cost = Total Effort in Hours X Per Hour Rate

- Other Costs such as variation, custom tools, support = Ballpark software upgrade cost divided by 2

Know more about software or product upgrade or call Coexl Today to find out ballpark cost and timeframes. We are known for our simple and clear pricing and non aggressive approach. So why wait?

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