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Third Party Software and Overseas Vendor Product Support Experts

Third Party Developed Software Support and Overseas Vendor Product Support in Australia

Coexl offers you most competitive and reliable third Party Software and Products Maintenance in Australia. We Maintain, Support, Install and Upgrade Third Party Products for Australia and compliment support to US & European companies for for 24X7 Support. Our 3rd Party Software maintenance services provide a low low cost solution for reliable Software Maintenance and Support Services to Overseas vendors' customers, both in Australia or worldwide 24X7 Support Customers. With our engagement in support, you can cover all Time Zones in Australia and for UK and European Customers. Our additional advantage lies in the fact that we can also develop country specifics or upgrade product.

The current downturn demands lowering cost of support while maintaining edge. Australia offers a somewhat smaller but significant market to overseas software vendors. The Country Specific and Support issues however inflate cost of product. The costs may blow out to make it unviable to sustain for long.

Coexl Third Party Software and Product Maintenance Services are devised to provide much needed solution for such needs. We offer reliable support on attractive terms and deals well cut to suit vendor requirements. The Contracts can short duration or long. We cover entire gamut of support services such as Level 1 and Level 2 Support, Product demos, implementation or warranty support. Operating in complimentary time zone, you can extend your support services to 24X7.

Coexl Technologies are Third Party Software Maintenance Specialists. Since our inception we have been providing support to Overseas Vendor products. Our Software Maintenance and Product Support services are provided from our offices in Australia. The support is available from our offices at Melbourne and Sydney. The two offices cover whole of Australia i.e. Adelaide - SA, Brisbane - QLD or Perth -WA, Canberra - ACT, Darwin, NT, Hobart -TAS. We cover all Time Zones in Australia. We cut no corners and use high speed Internet Connections and T1 telephone lines for faster and clearer support. Best of all however is the speed with which we comprehend your products and commitment to customers. Time and again we have proven that looking after customers is easy and making them happy is our expertise.

Our Third Party Product Support delightfully covers Overseas Vendor Product Support. This involves both Product Support and Software Support as explained below:

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Support -  Depending upon contract terms, we will provide Level 1 and Level 2 support on Product. This support could be Phone, Email, Web Based or involve site visits.

  • Installation, Upgrade and Training - We install, upgrade, migrate the products and provide training to customers locally.

  • Add on Services - Other services such as integration with other products, special module development and other support.

  • 24X7 Product Support in Australia or Worldwide - Whether you need to support products in Australia or your customers worldwide, we offer UK and European Vendors an advantage or complimentary or reciprocal time zone. This makes supporting products in Australia or worldwide very cost effective. We cut no corners and use T1 Telephone Lines and best quality hardware and experienced software resources.

Better Customer Care

Coexl Technologies offers local support and better comfort feel to your customers. They now are in touch with people who understand their requirements, local conditions and willing to extend a helping hand in need. We raise level of comfort by:

  • Local good quality - T1 telephone lines to call in or call out - No more irritating dependence on poor voice solutions

  • Local Support People - who understand nuances of business in Australia, from Footy to GST, BAS

  • Local Time Zone - Support available from 07.30 AM to 07.30 PM Australian Eastern Standard time. This practically covers business hours in all time zones in australia

  • Onsite Visits - When necessitated, we can make Onsite Visit Next Day, anywhere in Australia.

  • 24X7 Support Worldwide - This is Highly suitable for European vendors who need to provide 24X7 Support to their worldwide customers. Operating in exactly the opposite time zone, we can service your customers while you sleep.

  • In Crisis Support, Outsource or Acquire - We offer a service to acquire business in crisis and hand it back, when situation improves. Very attractive when you are swimming against the tide of downturn.

Lower Costs and Economies of Scale

As with all our services, this does not cost you a fortune. Our Standard Agreements involve revenues coming from Ongoing Support Fee that your customers pay. We supplement our income by on-selling our services to your customers in a Non Conflict manner. Therefore it is easier for us to maintain high quality Support, Happy Customers while keeping your costs low.

We are Third Party Product Support Specialists. Through our large set up oriented towards Third Party Product Support, which is a specialised field, you have access to large scale economies.

Create New Markets

We open new markets for your products within our large customer base and when you want us, we can launch an aggressive marketing campaign for you. Our philosophy is - when you make money, we make money too! Through us, you get a local endorsement for your products.

Provide Development Support

Australia is best place to develop products and we have been developing products for different vendors since 2002. As we gain knowledge, you can also look at entrusting some of your development work. Cost effective and timely delivery will delight you further when you receive high degree of support.

Complete Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

We understand competitive business paradigm and your intellectual property is safe with us. We device Non Conflict Agreements and have absolutely no issues when it comes to IP Issues.

Call now to book our services. When booked now, you have access to low rates, 
						fixed cost of development and we will work with you to develop project specifications

Our local Software Development Facilities in Melbourne offer you an easy and unmatched cost effective way to develop projects, within budget and time and without any risk. Please call Steve at (03) 9802 5516  email - steve@coexl.com.au to discuss your software and IT requirements and how we can assist you.