Application Management

Software Application Management

Coexl Software Application Management often involves in-house or third Party developed Software Upgrade and Maintenance. Main reason for entrusting such tasks to Coexl is to stem cost escalation and creep in projects by fixing cost and timeframes for upgrade projects. Second is to find a reliable vendor who can be trusted for years to come to maintain applications. Some of these applications may not be used frequently and cost of maintaining them becomes very high. Another reason is absence of appropriate documentation that makes it difficult to support application in-house or finding resources as the work increases. This section covers software applications or products by your developers (in-house or outsourced contractors) or third party vendors.

Coexl 's unique selling preposition lies in understanding customer requirements in a holistic manner, both stated and implied. Coexl offers flexible options that meet customer requirements within the same expected deliverables but on different terms. Coexl's expert resources ensure that customer requirements are met in a most competitive manner. Coexl takes complete ownership of the assigned tasks and delivers within agreed deliverables. Coexl leverages its expertise in creating flexible IT structure while executing involving continuous maintenance and enhancement (CME) projects. Coexl follows an objective method of effort estimation obviating confusion in cost considerations. This provides Coexl customers an easy way to seek enhancements and upgrade without any recourse to multiple cost iterations. With comfort in cost estimates, the customers may also entail Coexl to provide consultancy in such projects. Coexl ensures that systems work in systematic manner and the customers remain transparent to backend activities that go on managing enhancing applications.

Our Support Maintenance activities involve three areas:

  • Bug fixing - Fixing bugs in application or products or interfaces to make it run smoothly. More>>

  • Upgrade or Migrate Application or Data - Upgrade Application or product to make it compatible with technologies of the day or better. more>>

  • Overseas or Third Party Vendor Product Support - We provide Software and Product Localisation for  Australia, Implementation, ongoing  Level 1 and Level 2 support and maintain Third Party or Overseas Vendor Products on very favourable terms. The Support is provided to Australian Customers or worldwide for 24X7 scenarios. more>>

  • Coexl Software Maintenance customers include established businesses, Government, Entrepreneurs or Overseas vendors who find it easier and cost effective to develop products in Australia.

Software Maintenance - Bug Fixing

Software bug fixing is the first step in Software maintenance. This may require access to source code and in some cases, the task can be done without it. Bug Fixing enables application to run smoothly. This requires studying application, talking to various stakeholders to determine current and future requirements and then carrying out development, testing and implementation. In Software Maintenance, documentation becomes handy and reduces effort. We however specialise in delivering projects successfully without insisting for formal documentation.

We are often asked if the software maintenance can be carried out without documentation or Source code? As Software Maintenance Specialists our answer is Yes. We can carry out software or product maintenance with or without Source Code or with or without documentation.

While it is easy to maintain, upgrade or support a product with documentation, if you don't have any, please do not despair. Here are software experts to help you.

Upgrade or Migrate, Product or Application

With bugs are fixed or otherwise, most application require migration or upgrade to meet new requirements of the day. Please ask for more information for the Upgrade and migration that may involve the following tasks:

  • Upgrade Old Applications: Applications developed in Windows XP, VISTA or other old OS are legacy now. Unlock the value in them upgrading your applications to new technologies in a secure and safe manner. Ask for a fixed price quote and within agreed time, have spanking new well integrated applications to the delight of your users. Your management will be floored with high productivity and easy reporting that they will get. In general we will upgrade your applications to latest Microsoft or Oracle technologies such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, MS SQL 2008, Oracle 9 , 10 to Oracle 11g

  • Upgrade or cross-grade Applications: Sometime the need may just be to upgrade databases e.g. MS SQL 2000 to MS SQL 2005 or MS SQL 2008, Sybase to MS SQL Server 2005, or 2008, Oracle 9 or Oracle 10 to meet new OS. The task is critical and so are the costs. Leaving no margin to error, call us now.

  • Add New Features such as mapping, Functionality, Easy Reporting: Modernise your existing application e.g. add new forms, easy to use features, functions, validations to an existing application. Most importantly, get rid of that sluggish, difficult to manage reports to easy, automated world of reporting with nice pictorials, easy to manage formats, automated emailing in different formats. Extend them to mobile devices for better productivity.

  • Develop New Modules: Don't let the fear of costs hold on to you. If you need a new module in somewhat older systems, we can assist. We may have options for you to develop new modules in old or new technology areas with clear defined path for their upgrade. Also covered in Software Development activities, this means developing New Modules, Reports, extensions for current application. We add new modules in a way to integrate the application to enhance productivity 

  • Migrate Software Application or Cross-grade - We have done a lot of work in cross grading Client Server Applications to browser based applications. Some applications have been converted to products to enable organisation generate more revenues. As us how we can migrate and / or cross grade your applications to make them more efficient in different technology regime such migrating application fro Client Server or ASP to ASP. Net or Web Enabled regime, changing databases or moving from MySQL/PHP to MS ASP .NET / MS SQL Server and similar instances or Microsoft Applications to Oracle databases or converting oracle applications to Oracle Rich Internet Applications.

  • Legacy Application Upgrade - This sensitive activity requires special handling as often legacy applications contain core knowledge that cannot be disturbed. The legacy application may be built 20 years back and involve technologies such as Fortran, ALGOL, COBOL, Ingres, Sybase, Informix, MS Access, Dbase, Fox Pro / Foxbase, Clipper and many others. We handle such applications with due care to deliver new applications that enshrine core body of knowledge but in the state of the art regime. more>>

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