Since the beginning in 2002, Coexl Technologies has provided Software Development, Maintenance, Support and Upgrade services for Custom Software. We lead in Microsoft Software and Product Development space with profound capacities in Microsoft Software development. We use Microsoft Agile Template based methodology to develop our software. To support this and providing a fully integrated Development Environment, we make use of Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 based workstations and Microsoft SharePoint based development set up.

Coexl has developed most of its products in Microsoft technologies. It started with Microsoft ASP platform, MS Access and has moved steadily into Microsoft ASP .NET. We had been pioneers with Silverlight, Mapping (Now Bing), MS Reports Server and developed on of the first major products based on MS Silverlight.

Our Software Development facility in Melbourne has well experienced and Microsoft Certified professionals for Microsoft dot net, Silverlight ASP, MS SQL, MS Reports, MS Mapping, Bing, BizTalk, SharePoint and technologies based software development as elaborated below. and resources trained in Microsoft. In addition, Coexl provides support in MS BizTalk and SharePoint implementation and Deployment services. Appropriately Coexl are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners – Application Lifecycle Management with Certified Silver Competencies in ISV/Software Solutions, Software Development. Coexl offers expertise in:

  • Web Based Software or Products Development is our expertise. We develop in Microsoft Dot Net, Silverlight, MS SQL 2005 or MS SQL 2008, Bing (earlier known as MapPoint) and Microsoft Reporting. Developed within Microsoft Dot Net and Product Framework, we offer highly cost effective Microsoft Development services. These Microsoft experts developed systems are are easy to manage as they operate within Microsoft Environment and use MS MapPoint (MS Mapping or bing Services), Microsoft Reports Server (MS Reports), Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Microsoft Silverlight development: We are pioneers in Silverlight Development Australia with already four products in the market. With Silverlight scaling new heights everyday, we invite you to experience Silverlight products and be delighted. This will add many more features to Silverlight that users have been asking. Silverlight is often compared to Macromedia Flash and is product in similar direction. Silverlight will add the smooth imaging and graphics to websites or portal.

  • Legacy Application Upgrade: Microsoft SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 or legacy MS Access Development - We notice Microsoft 2000 has been upgraded at most places and now Microsoft MS SQL 2005 and MS 2008 rule the roost. We have upgraded all our products to Microsoft SQL 2008 and recommend all customers to upgrade their software to MS SQL 2008.

  • Microsoft Reports Servers to develop Cost Effective reports for Microsoft and Non Microsoft products such as Oracle, legacy, home grown. Microsoft Reports Services add flexibility to your Reports and makes it easy for you to develop New reports within Microsoft Environment.

  • Microsoft Mapping and Bing for Mapping, Routing, Real-time Location, Parking and Travel Applications. Microsoft Mapping or bing offers an attractive and a very cost effective Mapping Solution for Commercial use. Bing is sometimes compared with Google Maps. For all commercial applications, we believe MS Mapping or bing is better and more cost effective option. For our customers, we are able to provide fixed cost Microsoft Mapping or bing solutions for mapping based on expected use. With MS Mapping and bing and Coexl Technologies, you will be able to fix your Mapping costs for months to come.

  • Microsoft BizTalk for Software Integration brings to an easy to use GUI and visual platform for integrating applications. Microsoft BizTalk's front end simplicity makes the developers more productive while backend integration makes the your integrated solution more efficient to run

  • Microsoft BizTalk RFID for developing RFID applications involving BizTalk - We have blended our EAI capabilities and RFID and aptly chosen Microsoft BizTalk RFID to deliver you geo-location and critical device location services. RFID is core area of our expertise and combined with MS BizTalk RFID, we are able to create BizTalk RFID solutions with finesse.

  • Microsoft SharePoint for SharePoint Applications Development- Microsoft SharePoint has evolved and now ready to act as central hub for your enterprise. Microsoft SharePoint covers all aspects of business i.e. Collaboration, Workflow, Business Intelligence, Content Creation and Content Management.

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server for Microsoft Development Environment

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate for Microsoft Development and Testing Environment

Coexl Technologies applies these technologies to:

  • Develop Software Applications or Software Products in Microsoft Dot Net, ASP, RFID, BizTalk Integration, ASP .NET with MS SQL 2005, 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, MS Reports

  • Application and Data Migration: Upgrade existing applications developed in legacy Microsoft or relatively recent technologies to current Microsoft .NET 4.0, MS SQL 2008, Application and D Dot Net, ASP, RFID, BizTalk Integration, ASP.Net with MS SQL 2005, 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Mobile, MS Reports

  • Develop Web Portals such as Encarp, Going Places

  • Develop MS Reports for disparate software platforms, legacy, common and proprietary applications

  • Integrate Applications with Microsoft BizTalk or SharePoint Portal for a single point resource repository.

  • Develop Microsoft SharePoint Portals

Coexl has successfully developed Microsoft expertise to:

  • Develop Software Products that exploit Microsoft ASP. Net, Silverlight, SQL 2000/2005/2008

  • Web Based Portals with slick GUI based in Microsoft Silverlight while exploiting MS SQL 2005/2008 engines

  • Upgraded legacy products, proprietary software into state of the art web based applications

  • Complex Routing Applications through Microsoft Mapping or Bing.

  • Real-time Location Systems, involving RFID

  • Warehouse Work Allocation

  • Business

Coexl has used these technologies for the following industries:

  • Environment

  • Construction

  • Government

  • City Councils

  • Car Parking

  • Education

  • Business

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