Coexl Technologies Environment Policy

Envision is a young Australian owned company producing world-class IT solutions.

We recognise the need to protect the environment, fight global warming and consequent climate change. As an IT solution provider we commit to minimising our environmental impact and move towards low carbon operations.

Key Targets

Paper, Computers and waste

1. We will use digital media and avoid printing paper

2. We will not use disposable products

3. We will avoid generating any waste that requires to be sent to landfill.

4. We will donate or recycle our used computers and office equipment and avoid sending to landfill


5. We will reduce the amount of energy used through smart systems


6. We will encourage the use of public transport.

7. We will use tele-conferencing rather than travel where feasible.


8. We involve staff in the implementation of this policy and provide training through our induction program

We are committed to complying with all relevant regulatory requirements and will constantly strive for improving our environmental performance. As part of our commitment we will implement an environmental management system to ISO 14001 standard.

Steve Bungay

Managing Director - 24 May 2013

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