Expert, Qualified and Experienced Software Resources

IT Resources for Software Development, Testing and Project Management

Coexl is well known to train overseas qualified professionals who arrive here on Skilled Migration Visas. Under this program, we always has a pool of highly qualified and experienced resources who are willing to put their hard yakka make a career in Australia. The resources available are for Software development, Testing and Project Management. When you need qualified and experienced Project Managers, Tester, developers in Dot Net Developers, Team Leaders, Oracle Developers, Project Managers, Cognos Developer, Linux, PHP developers Project Managers, just call us.

When you need qualified resources yesterday and have no time, Coexl is your best. We run a large Development Centre and often have a large number of skills ranging from Testers (ISTQB, Manual, Mercure), Developers (Microsoft Dot Net, Silverlight), Oracle (Fusion, Database, RIA), Cognos, Delphi, SAP, Embedded Programmers and Project Managers, contact us. We offer best resources, attractive rates f or Short or long term requirements.

We are happy to look after your requirements for Software Contractors, Testers, Developers, Project Managers including taking over resources from your failed vendor so as to absorb your financial risk and ensure continuity. Please call Steve 0425 732 510 now or email to know how can we assist.

Some of currently available resources for outsourcing are:

Project Manager (PM001) - 16+ years experience in Project Management, extensive Program Management experience. Structured and managed Program Management Offices (PMO) whilst developing methodologies and processes. Managed many strategic and high profile projects. Currently working on the Development Centre plan.

Project Manager  (MS001) - Engineer with 10+ years experience in developing first hand, managing Teams and multiple projects across multiple technologies such Microsoft, Dot, Web, Oracle, Fusion, Devices, Products Development. Sound Interpersonal, Client and Project Management skills.

Analyst Programmer / Team Leader - MS .NET (MSO02) - Senior level developer with 4 Years experience in Oracle, MS .net in Web Based and Conventional applications.

Analyst Programmer / Team Leader - Oracle & .NET (MSO03) - Mid level developer with 8 Years experience in Oracle, MS .net. Currently working on Web enablement project.

Senior Microsoft Programmer / Team Leader - MS, Legacy (MSL004) - Engineer with over 20 years sound experience in Legacy (leading in their time) technologies and expertise in Data and Application from Legacy OS, Language, database to current MS, Dot Net, Web Enable Applications.

Developer - Microsoft, Legacy (MSL005) Development - Bachelor in Business Studies with 14 years experience in developing and testing applications in MS, Mainframes and other technologies, work across multiple browsers and CSS.

Developer - Microsoft Dot Net, Testing (MSL006) - MCA with 2 years experience in MS, .NET based development and Java threads. Worked on Web Enablement, utility Development and testing applications.

Tester (TST01) - Testing HP QuickTest & Manual - Junior level developer, engineer with 3 Years experience in Manual Testing and HP QuickTest.

Tester (TST02) Unisys & Testing - Senior level developer and Unisys Tester with extensive experience in Unisys systems in UK & US. Unique skill set in COBOL, NSDK, DMS II, Sybase SQL and Unisys MCP. Currently carrying on Application Testing.

Tester (TST03) ISTQB, Mercure Testing - Mid level tester with experience in ISTQB Manual and Mercure testing.

Senior Oracle Developer (Oracle 01) - Masters in Computer Science with 4 years in Oracle Development

Developer / Team Leader IBM Mainframe (IBM01) (Co- IBM mainframe -IDMS, DB2, 6 years Experience

Senior Crystal Reports Developer (MSR01) - Crystal Reports - Engineer with 8+ years experience in software development, databases and Crystal Reports

Senior Cognos Developer / Team Leader (MSC001) - Engineer with 6+ Years experience in MS, COGNOS

Senior Lotus Notes Developer / Team Leader (Lotus01) - Lotus Notes - Engineer with 6 years  in Lotus Notes

Senior Java Developer / Team Leader (Java001) - Engineer with 6 Years in Java

Senior Java Developer(Java2) - Engineer with 5 Years in Java based development

Senior Java Developer(Java3) - Engineer with 4 Years in Java Development

Microsoft Dot Net, Silverlight(MS002) - Engineer with 4 Years in MS .NET, SQL, ASP. Net, MS Access

Developer (ETL01) Engineer with 02 Years in Oracle, Data-warehousing, ETL

Developer Oracle, Data warehouse(ETL02) Engineer with 02 Years in Oracle, Data-warehousing, ETL

Graphics Designer(GPH01) - Master in Fine Arts with 8 Years in Graphics Design for products (In Sydney)

Senior Developer - Delphi - Post Grad Computers with 5 years solid Development experience

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