How do you explain to people what they are lacking?

Though out of context, the quote aptly describes our situation in building solutions for our prospects. The question reflects both on new developments as well as upgrade of legacy products developed over years. Current systems seems to work well but alas, something is lacking e.g. ease of use, integration and most important productivity.

Through this Newsletter, we wish to rekindle this issue and see if we can assist you developing better and easy to use systems, without any risk or provide expert resources.

Since 2002 we have been growing and faster than ever, last year. We moved into a new Development Centre in Melbourne and further expanded competencies in Silverlight, MS SQL 2008, Oracle Fusion, RIA and enrolled expert resources for development, testing and sub-contracting.

As with any growing company, we are now Hungry for more business and look forward to your trust. Placed below is a list of competencies and services (including Resources) for your consideration.

Software / Product Development - New or Upgrade, Turnkey or modules, With or without Elaborate Specs, Microsoft, Oracle, OpenSource

Software Maintenance - Maintain or Upgrade in-house or third party developed Applications, with or without documentation, Any Technology

Expert Resources -Project Managers, Developers, Testers

We look forward to hearing from you


Steve Bungay

CEO - Coexl Technologies

a Division of Envision I.T. Pty Ltd

Suite 4, Level 2, 255 Blackburn Road


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