Fax Mailer 30 May 2008

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Reduce your technology risk and software budget next year! We hedge your risk with our fixed price quotes and reduce cost to develop new software, applications, PoCs or prototypes.

Coexl Technologies is developing reliable Specialist Software, Software products, Third Party Application Upgrade, PoCs and Web Enabling projects in MELBOURNE since 2002.

Coexl is MS .Net & Oracle partner and works in Environment, Government, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing, Mapping, RFID & custom Applications.

Contact Steve (03) 9802 5516, email: steve@coexl.com.au for:

  • Quote or details on Specialist software or Product

  • Web Enabling Applications

  • Third party Application Maintenance & Upgrade

Make use of our Introductory rate of $77 Per Hour

For any development work till 20th Sep 2008 including maintenance, upgrade

Coexl Technologies,7/251 Blackburn Road, MT WAVERLEY VIC 3149

Web: www.coexl.com.au Fax: (03) 9012 7913

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